Studio B

 Studio B went through a complete redesign and transformation in 2001 by leading Canadian designers Pilchner-Schoulstal. The room was enlarged and entirely re-built into a beautiful and highly functional recording and mix room with improved acoustics and a more pleasing environment.

 A 64 channel API Legacy console resides front and centre in the control room and ProTools HD10, along with a Studer 827 2" analog tape recorder and an Ampex 100 1/2" tape machine combine to meet all recording & mix requirements. The custom built mains sport two 18" woofers each, allowing for very loud and deep monitoring when required.

 Outboard gear is extensive and reverb systems include an EMT plate and a Lexicon 480L and 960L. There is seating for ten in the control room, including a four seat reclining sofa and three stools at the producers desk. The recording booth is a comfortable size suitable for vocalists, overdubs and smaller ensembles. The mic collection is extensive and when combined with various outboard mic pres or those in the API console, wide tonal variations of world class quality are attainable.

 There is a comfy private lounge just off the control room which features a 42" plasma tv, wired and wireless internet, a Mac computer, leather sofa, control room tie lines wired to the lounge hi-fi and a nifty coffee table that doubles as an eating table once you pull up the hinges.

 Artists such as Bono, Jann Arden, Anne Murray, Nelly Furtado, Ludacris, Akon, Stars, Kardinal Offishall and Bruce Cockburn have all worked out of Studio B. And of course many Toronto musicians have spent long hours working on their projects. It's a popular room at Phase One, and it always turns out great results.

 Studio B is perfect for recording overdubs, mixing, and working on any type of music that requires loud and deep bass.


64 input API Legacy (1998) with moving fader automation, 3 API compressors, 8 mic pre-amps, 1 instrument direct input, & 2 filters.

Tape Recorders:
Studer A827 2" analog 24 track, 24 channel Dolby SR (floater), Alesis ML9600 Masterlink CD recorder, Universal Audio 2192 converter, Ampex ATR102 1/2" 2 track recorder, Dolby SR two channel (modified).

ProTools 10 HD | 3 Accel System with 48 outputs + Apogee A/D 8000, SYNC I/O, Mac Pro 8-Core computer, two LCD 19" monitors. Plug-ins include Maxim, Antares Auto-tune, Focusrite D2 & D3, McDSP Emerald Bundle, Amp farm, D-FI, Joe Meek, Bomb Factory, Maxim, Sans- Amp, Virus, Waves Platinum Bundle, etc.

Spendor SA-300, Genelec 1031, Yamaha NS10, Kranis Custom main monitors.

(3) Bryston 3B ST pro, Crown Macro-Reference, Studer A68.

AC Power Conditioning:
Equi=tech 10 balanced power system.

Headphone System:
(3) Mytek Private Q systems.

Video Monitor:
Sony WEGA XBR 32"

Studio B:
Control room 26'x18'
Recording floor 15'x11'



Avalon U5 Direct Box
Retrospec Juice Box Tube Direct Box
Anthony Demaria Stereo Direct Box
Groove Tube Direct Box
Line 6 Pod Pro
Demeter Stereo Tube Direct Box
Korg A3 guitar processor
Fender Precision Bass
1960's Fender Tweed Champ amplifier
Fender Blues Deluxe
various percussion instruments
MIT "Ripcord" guitar & bass cables
Various SubWoofer Cabinets for near field speakers
Electrospace spanner

Midi Rack & Keyboards
Roland JV1080
Roland Juno 106
Roland FP8 88 key piano
Roland R8M
Roland RA50
Roland Pad 5
Korg Wavestation
Korg M1
Yamaha TG77
Yamaha TX802
Alesis D4
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Kurzweil piano module
Kurzweil PC88mx.

Recording Formats:
24 track 2" analog Studer A800 MkIII
24 track 2" analog Studer A820
24 track 2" analog Studer A827
24 tracks of Tascam DA-88, DA-98 & DA-38
ProTools HD systems in all Studios
Ampex ATR-102 1/2" 2 track
Studer A-80 1/2" 2 track
Akai ADAM's
8 Tracks of Studer V-8 ADAT
SADiE Artemis Mastering Digital Audio Workstation


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