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In 1974, a pair of entrepreneurial Torontonians, Paul Gross and Doug Hill, came up with a plan to build a world class recording studio in Scarborough, Ontario. They enlisted renowned American studio architect George Augspurger to design a large recording room that would attract major artists. To this day, Studio A remains the only major Augspurger room in Canada and for more than four decades it's elicited positive reviews by artists and producers alike. Many in fact, have raved about it's acoustics and called it the best sounding room they have recorded in.

In the late 1970's, noted producer Bob Ezrin brought in Kiss and Alice Cooper amongst others. Bob Dylan stopped by, and Keith Richards did as well. In the 80's and 90's, local artists who were to become Canadian rock and roll legends began their careers here. Bands such as Saga, The Parachute Club, Glass Tiger, Triumph, Anthem and so many others made gold records at Phase One. All of this quickly allowed the studio to earn a reputation as THE rock and roll destination in Toronto.

Doug Hill left the business during this period for another successful venture and Paul Gross continued to run Phase One through 2000 at which point he sold the business to Barry Lubotta, who had operated Pizazzudio Recording Studio on the west side of town for ten years.

It was no secret that a serious transition was necessary to convert a smoky rockers studio to a more modern facility that would appeal to a wider audience. Gone were the days of cigarette smoke reaching into all crevices of the rooms and equipment. Smoking indoors had been banned at all Toronto businesses and for a studio to survive it would have to cater to other forms of music and clientele, while not giving up on rock and roll. Artists began to expect a semblance of luxury and a thoroughly professional environment. The new crew set about the ambitious job of keeping that which made Phase One famous while upgrading the entire facility.

All this was nicely accomplished in 2001 and the result brought Phase One into the modern age. Studio A, with its large live floor was always the main attraction and left mostly unchanged. It sounds identical today to how it did in 1974 yet it has significant upgrades in terms of wiring, equipment, cosmetics and isolation. It's a retro room with a thoroughly modern functionality. The large Neve console still commands centre stage surrounded by a mix of vintage and modern equipment. An entirely new lounge for A room clients gives a respite long hours in the studio.

Studio B with an API Legacy console was redesigned and rebuilt into an entirely new and modern room (with it's own lounge) and Studio C with an SSL Duality was also created from scratch, both designed by Pilchner-Schoustal International Studio D was a fortunate last minute decision and today serves a niche as a cozy room for music editing and mixing. Taken together, we feel that we have the best of the old (Studio A) and the best of the new (Studio B, C and D).

In 2014 we celebrated our 40th anniversary making Phase One quite possibly the oldest operational studio in Canada. Since our inception we have had just one "raison d'etre" and that is to capture great music and record it for prosperity. We're proud that we have stayed true to our core value and haven't branched into recording schools, video or live sound - what we do today is just what we did back in 1974 and we do it well. We solidify our reputation daily by maintaining top notch equipment in excellent condition and having a skilled and friendly staff who's sole desire is to make our clients experience unforgettable.

If you want to tilt the odds in your favour when recording your music, it only makes sense to put your trust in Phase One. More than 100 gold and platinum albums are testament to our many years of experience and knowledge in knowing how to record music that sells. If the song is there and if the performance is there, you can be sure that Phase One will also be there to capture it in it's best light.




Since 1974, Phase One has turned out international hits from Toronto. Recently renovated and thoroughly updated, our 7,500 sq. ft. four studio facility has played a significant role in Canada's Recording history with more than 100 gold & platinum albums to our credit.

Staff Photo - 2006

Staff Photo - 2003
Studio B with SSL console
August - 1986
Original owners Paul & Doug chatting with legendary producer Jack Richardson
Paul Gross & Mick Walsh in Studio B - 1982
Howard Ayee & Joe Primeau
August - 1986


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