Since his graduation from OIART in 2004, Jeff began his career in a small studio recording a number of demos and EPs with independent bands in Barrie, Ontario. In October 2005, he obtained an internship at Phase One Studios, and was hired as a full time assistant in February of 2006. Since then, Jeff has become a full time staff engineer where he continuously impresses clients and is quickly solidifying his reputation as one of the great up and coming engineers in Toronto.

  Artist Project Label Role  
  Amy McConnell & William Sperandei Accomplice Indie Record/Mix/Co-produce  
  My Son The Hurricane Is This What You Want? Vegas Funeral Records Record/Mix  
  Gorilla Tophat Unnatural Habitat Indie Mix  
  Balade A Toronto Television Series Machine Gum/UNIS tele Record/Mix  
  Babak Amini TBA/In Progress Indie Record/Mix  
  Nate Douglas TBA/In progress Indie Record/Mix  
  The Human Rights TBA Indie Recording  
  Victoria Duffield Live In The Studio Warner Recording  
  Reuben and The Dark TBA Arts & Crafts Recording  
  Young Empires TBA Votive Records/Pirates Blend Records Recording  
  Shyann Into The Light Indie Overdubs / Mix  
  My Son The Hurricane Cashing A Dead Man's Cheque Vegas Funeral Records Record / Mix  
  Audio Playground Emergency ft. Snoop Dogg (Single)   Record  
  Audio Playground You Could Be Loved ft. Snoop Lion (Single)   Record  
  Chris Steven Band   Indie Record / Mix  
  Sandi Patty   Somerset Ent. Record / Mix  
  Jim Brickman Home Mood Entertainment Record / Mix  
  Jim Brickman Love 2 Mood Entertainment Record / Mix  
  Jim Brickman Romance Mood Entertainment Record / Mix  
  Jim Brickman Believe Mood Entertainment Record / Mix  
  Various Artists Praise And Worship Somerset Entertainment Record / Mix  
  Richmond Switch TBA Indie Record / Mix /Co-Produced  
  Goddo Live (TBA)   Mix  
  Storry TBA Waxxem Ent. Record / Mix  
  24th Street Wailers Dirty Little Young'uns Indie Record  
  Various Peaceful Harmony Somerset Ent. Record  
  Various Fisher Price Counting Songs Somerset Ent. Record  
  Various Fisher Price Halloween Somerset Ent. Record  
  Various The Chicken Dance And Other Silly Songs Somerset Ent. Record  
  Jim Brickman Love Somerset Ent. Record  
  Atlantis Blueprint Self Titled Indie Record / Mix/ Co-Produced  
  James King and the Jackhammers Self Titled Indie Record / Mix / Co-Produced  
  Canadian Honky Self Titled Indie Record / Mix / Co-Produced  
  Jhevon Paris feat. Pat K. (of the Stereos)   Indie Record  
  $9.50 (original movie soundtrack) Self Titled Indie Mix  
  Marlene O'Neill (The Hymns Project) Self Titled Indie Record  
  Richmond Switch Self Titled Indie Mix  
  Various Avalon / Solitudes / Reflections Somerset Entertainment Record  
  Thornley Tiny Pictures 604 Records Co-Record  
  Summit Forward Motion Indie Record / Mix / Co-Produced  
  Anne Murray Anne Murray's Christmas Album EMI Tracking Assistant  
  Matthew Good Live @ Massey Hall Universal Mix Assistant  
  Shirley Eikhard Just Call Me Alice Starry Nose Mole Music Mix Assistant  
  Heaven's Rehearsal 2008 Live DVD 2nd Mix Engineer  
  Ludacris Theater Of The Mind Island/Def Jam Tracking Assistant  
  Martha And The Muffins Delicate Muffin Music Mix Assistant  
  The Kooks Young Folks Cover Tracking/Mix 2nd Engineer  
  Tovah Escapologist Indie Mix Assistant  
  Finger Eleven TBA Wind Up Mix Assistant  
  Brian Melo (Canadian Idol) Livin’ It Sony/BMG Tracking Assistant  
  One Second Too Late TBA Sony/BMG Tracking Assistant  
  Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Island / Def Jam Tracking Assistant  
  George Canyon Classics Reiny Dawg / 604 Tracking Assistant  
  Die Mannequin Slaughter Daughter Warner Tracking / Mix Assistant  
  Michael Keashammer Days Like These Alert Music Tracking / Mix Assistant  
  Cory Lee TBA Mix Assistant  
  Alonzo TBA Mix Assistant  
  Fefe Dobson TBA Tracking Assistant  
  Rex Goudie Look Closer Sony/BMG Tracking Assistant  
  Cache Indie Mix Assistant  
  L Corp TBA Indie Tracking / Mix Assistant  
  Michael Holt TBA Indie Mix Assistant  
  Government Mule TBA Tracking Assistant  
  Andy Carey Indie Mix Assistant  
  Justin Hines Sides Indie Mix Assistant  
  Edge City Outlaws TBA Universal Tracking Assistant  
  People In Planes TBA Wind Up Mix Assistant  
  Anouk TBA EMI Netherlands Tracking / Mix Assistant  
  Ray J TBA Knockout Entertainment Tracking Assistant  
  Kenny Davern No One Else But Kenny Sackville Recordings Tracking Assistant  
  Fito Blanko TBA Trademark Entertainment Mix Assistant  
  Tony Melo TBA Indie Mix Assistant  
  The Road Hammers The Road Hammers Open Road Recordings Vocal Tracking  
  Ava Maria Watercooler Conversations Indie Tracking / Mix Engineer  
  Mourning Choir TBA Indie Tracking Engineer  
  La Gang …est arrivee MPHM Mix Engineer  
  Back In The Attic Indie Tracking / Mix Engineer  
  Who Needs Shoes Indie Assistant  


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