Michael Jack is a producer/engineer working primarily in Toronto and Central Ontario. He's been in the recording industry for 27 years, has scored two top 20 U.S. Billboard hits, several Canadian chart successes and has been awarded 17 gold and platinum records. Prior to gaining his engineering chops Michael spent the early and mid 80's as vocalist and guitar player for bands like Ninth Line, Teyes, The Remnants, Alia Hart and Fallan. In 1981, while still in high school, he signed up for a ten week recording workshop at a local Newmarket, Ontario studio (Para Sound). The first time he walked into that studio he knew he'd found his calling. After completing the course Michael was asked if he would like to hang around and assist on some sessions.

He also studied guitar under the tutelage of legendary guitarist Red Shea who played with Gordon Lightfoot, Ian & Sylvia Tyson and Tommy Hunter. In 1986 Michael toured much of Canada as a member of the technical crew for Liberty Silver who had just won two Juno Awards the year before. After sleeping in the back of a Winnebago motor home and risking his life driving through raging snow storms in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario Michael decided to settle into the "easier", safer and climate controlled life of the recording studio. He started doing sessions at Para Sound and soon began doing the majority of the work at that facility.

In 1988, at the age of 24, Michael bought the studio and changed the name to Sessions Recordings. It was a 16 track analog studio at the time and most of the work was demo recording. Liberty Silver graced the studio on more than one occasion as did Glass Tiger and Jim Cregan of the Rod Stewart Band. Although business was great Michael decided to sell the studio after a four year run and migrated south to Toronto where he began to freelance at several studios. During the mid 90's Michael took up performing once again with the folk duo "Young Americans" as well as establishing himself as in-house producer for the boutique record label Marshmellow Records where he produced, engineered and performed on several instrumental CDs that enjoyed worldwide release. By the end of 1999 Michael landed the position of senior engineer at the legendary Phase One Studios and worked on numerous world class sessions there until 2007, earning several gold and platinum record awards and having many recordings reach both the Canadian and U.S. charts. In 2007 Michael was given the opportunity to develop and helm a new Solid State Logic based studio at Lenz Entertainment where he was involved in music, film, corporate and television projects.

Presently he is freelancing at numerous recording studios but considers Phase One his home base. Michael has also established his own home based editing and mixing suite called The Radio Room. (It's called The Radio Room because he is an avid vintage transistor radio collector and has an extensive and acclaimed collection of over one thousand radios)

Michael has recorded and/or mixed sessions for:

The Trews, Bono, Nelly Furtado, Hilary Duff, Rush, Big Sugar, Kardinal Offishal, Ludacris, The Canadian Tenors, Liona Boyd, Olivia Newton John, Leahy, Jann Arden, Anjulie, George Canyon, Sass Jordan, Anne Murray, Billy Ray Cyrus, Engelbert Humperdinck, Amy Sky, Hemingway Corner, Sony/ATV Publishing, Marc Jordan, Canadian Idol, Jesse Cook,Natalie MacMaster, Dala, Michelle Wright, Jim Brickman, Mark Masri, Simon Wilcox, G.Q., Xquisite, and thousands more over the past 27 years.

Film and TV Credits include:

Men With Brooms Soundtrack, Atomic Betty Soundtrack, Across The Universe Soundtrack, Too Fast Too Furious Soundtrack, Passchendaele Soundtrack (Sara Slean), Prom Night In Mississippi, Puck Hogs, Little Mosque On The Prairie, Train 48, The Hour, Wildcard, Canadian Country Music Awards, Mansions, Big Voice, Gold Mind, What's Your News, Atomic Betty, Stratusphere, Party Mamas, Producing Parker, Jimmy Two Shoes, Crash & Burn, Keep Your Head Up Kid -The Don Cherry Story and the soundtrack for the movie "Celine" based on the life of Celine Dion.

Michael has also worked with, and learned from some of the best record producers in the business:

Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith, New York Dolls, The Who, Cheap Trick, The Trews)
Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, KISS, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Jane's Addiction)
David Leonard (Prince, John Cougar Mellencamp, Paul McCartney, Collective Soul)
Joe Chiccarelli (Elton John, Beck, Frank Zappa)
Frank Filipetti (KISS, Barbra Streisand, James Taylor, George Michael)
Mike Roth (Dala, Amanda Marshall, Our Lady Peace, Hemingway Corner)
Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar, The Trews, Joel Plaskett, Wide Mouth Mason)
Bob Gallo (James Brown, Ottis Redding, Young Rascals, Bo Diddley, Aretha Franklin)
Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, Nazareth, Kim Mitchell, April Wine)
Steve Wingfield (Sugar Jones, Somerset - Mood Entertainment)
David Martin (Hemingway Corner, Billy Ray Cyrus, Adam Gregory, Sarah Cripps, Dawn Langstroth)
Mark Plati (David Bowie, Roger Waters, New Order, The Cure)
Rhett Lawrence (Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Michael Jackson)
Lauren Wild (Carly Simon, Rod Stewart, Carly Simon)
Tommy West (Anne Murray, Jim Croce, Blonde On Blonde)
JK Gulley (Lawnie Wallace, Gil Grand, Jason McCoy, Beverley Mahood)
Gilles Godard (Curb Music Publishing-Nashville)
Russ Zavitson (The Wilkinsons, The Kinleys)

R = Record
E = Edit
M = Mix
P = Produce

  Artist Project Role  
  Bono I Am The Walrus - Across The Universe Soundtrack R  
  Nelly Furtado Exclusive songs for iTunes & Sprint R/M  
  Olivia Newton John Christmas Wish R/E  
  The Trews Den Of Thieves R/E/M  
  The Trews Out Of The Past, Into The Dark R/E/M  
  The Trews Coming Home For Christmas R/E/M  
  The Trews House Of Ill Fame R/E  
  Rush Feedback R/E  
  Jann Arden Greatest Hurts R/E  
  Anne Murray Country Croonin R/E  
  Anne Murray & Cliff Richard Up Where We Belong R/E  
  Marc Jordan Crucifix In Dreamland R/E  
  Adam Crossley & Jim Brickman Beautiful World, We're All Here R/E/M  
  Michelle Wright Everything And More R  
  Hilary Duff Play With Fire R/E  
  Sarah Slean After The War R/E/M  
  Kardinal Offishall Belly Dancer R/E  
  Kardinal Offishall Firestarter Vol. 2 R/E  
  Ludacris 2 Fast, 2 Furious Movie Soundtrack R/E  
  Ludacris Act A Fool R/E  
  Shawnna Worth tha Weight R/E  
  Big Sugar Hit and Run R/E  
  Leahy In All Things R  
  Jesse Cook Free Fall R  
  Sass Jordan Greatest Hits R/E  
  Natalie MacMaster Yours Truly R/E  
  Various Artists Song For Africa R/E/M  
  George Canyon One Good Friend R  
  Canadian Tenors The Perfect Gift R/E/M  
  Canadian Tenors Canadian Tenors R/E  
  Engelbert Humperdinck Greatest Hits And More R  
  GQ Angel In My Bed M  
  Xquisite Xquisite M  
  Dala Everyone Is Someone R/E/M  
  Dala Girls From The North Country R/E/M  
  Dala Best Day R/E/M  
  Charles DiRaimondo Passione‚Äč M  
  Mark Masri La Voce R/E  
  Mark Masri See My Face R  
  Mark Masri Christmas Is R/E/M  
  Jim Brickman Love Songs And Lullabies R  
  Jim Brickman The Hymns & Carols of Christmas M  
  Jim Brickman Beautiful World R/M  
  Jim Brickman Romance M  
  Amy Sky Phenomenal Woman R  
  Amy Sky With This Kiss R  
  Simon Wilcox Mongrel Of Love R/M  
  Ryan Malcolm Home R/M  
  Men With Brooms Movie Soundtrack R/M  
  Kevin Breit & Sisters Euclid Other Folks R  
  Dawn Langstroth EP R/E/M  
  Carlos Del Junco Up And At 'Em R  
  Heavens Fire Judgement Day R/E/M  
  Clear Stone Supposed To Be M  
  Sarah Cripps Changes M  
  Nowhere Girl Liars, Thieves and Whores R/E/M/P  
  Uncle Balzak Audiosexual R/E/M/P  
  Spooky Ruben Bed And Breakfast M  
  Various Artists Song For Africa R/E/M  
  Hariharan Waqt Par Bolna M  
  Matt Dean Shades Of Grey M  
  Andy Carey Closing Circle M  
  Justin Hines Sides M  
  Wooden Stars People Are Different M  
  Spaceport Union Flirting With The Queen R/E/M/P  
  Spaceport Union Lark R/E/M/P  
  Aiti Maa Window Seat R/E/M/P  
  Special Ed Are You OK M  
  Special Ed Uncle Ed's Farm M  
  Ed Roman Oracles And Ice Cream R/E/M/P  
  Superstack Superstack M  
  Scott Donnelly State Of The Union R/E/M/P  
  Scott Donnelly It's All The Same R/E/M/P  
  Scott Donnelly Love At First Sight R/E/M/P  
  Wayne Buttery & Roly Platt Tangles Roots R/M  
  Wayne Buttery & The Groove Project Waiting R/M  
  Wayne Buttery & The Groove Project Live At Twisters R/M  
  Russ Strathdee Reflections R/E/M  
  Ava Turning Point M  
  Smith & Dragoman The Mystery M  
  Smith & Dragoman Under The Lote Tree M  
  Smith & Dragoman Live M  
  Pup Pup R/M/P  
  Pup Mistress R/M/P  
  Mary Simon No More Maybes M  
  Aaron Garner Between The Lines M  
  Aaron Garner There And Back R/E/M  
  George Evans Live At The Cellar M  
  George Evans Bewitched M  
  George Evans Eyes For You M  
  George Evans From Moment To Moment M  
  Michael Holt Pilot Single M  
  Peter Murray Ants And Angels R/E/M/P  
  The Rails This Is How She Goes R/E/M/P  
  Cache Toronto Sessions R  
  Dirty Maria Atrevete R/E/M/P  
  Zoe Bentley Super 8 M  
  Zoe Bentley Stride M  
  Atomic Betty Soundtrack M  
  Various Artists Disney Music: Block Party M  
  Euphoria Euphoria R  
  DW James Jack Of All Trades R/M  
  James Owen Bush James Owen Bush R  
  Michelle Glover Where's The Fire R/M  
  Derek Swain Simple Things R/M  
  Lawnie Wallace Thought I Was Dreaming R  
  Shlomo Simcha Tehillim R  
  Shlomo Simcha Simcha's Yom Tov R/M  
  Shlomo Simcha Aneini R/M  
  Abie Rotenberg Journeys, Volume 4 R/M  
  Aish Volume 1 M  
  Aish Volume 2 M  
  Nafshenu Orchestra Fusion R/EM  
  Aileen Lombardo Matchless Grace  M  
  Jackie Richardson A Woman's View, Through Child's Eyes M  
  Ronnie Wiseman Mystical Mood M  
  Big Beat Collective Move Into The Sound R/E/M/P  
  Big Beat Collective Fingerprints R/E/M/P  
  Kirk Elliott Up From The Ground R/M/P  
  Steve Middleton Acoustical Scenery R/E/M/P  
  Steve Middleton Mystic Rhythms R/E/M/P  
  Steve Middleton Ancient Wonders R/E/M/P  
  Steve Middleton Cathedrals & Castles R/E/M/P  
  Steve Middleton Illuminated Journey R/E/M/P  
  Peter Mathers Waiting For A Rainbow R/E/M/P  
  Peter Mathers Sundance R/E/M/P  
  Peter Mathers Mirage R/E/M/P  
  Alfred Carn Orchetexture R/E/M/P  
  Danny Weis Sweet Spot  R  
  Pulse Two Worlds R/M  
  Calasaig Near And Far R  
  Jack Lenz Who's Writing The Future? M  
  The New Black The New Black R/M/P  
  9 Point Landing Broadcast M  
  Paul Gross & David Keeley Love And Carnage M  
  Douglas John Cameron Solo Songs M  
  Coole Park Water Journeys R  
  Sharon Riley Caught Up M  
  The Salads Meanwhile M  
  Molly Blooms Shiver Logic R/M/P  
  Tarig Abubakar The Great Africans R/M  
  Rock Dogs New Primitives R/M  
  Kalla Guy Thing R/M/P  
  NFA Lost Not Found R/M  
  Flud Electrolux R/M  
  Soul Among Lions Soul Among Lions M  
  Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan Sunda Song R  
  VIP Let It Snow R/E  
  Luciani Ke Fili Mediterranean Sunset R  
  Fisher Price Little People, Songs From Around The World R/M  
  Fisher Price Little People, Songs About Your Neighborhood R/M  
  Fisher Price Little People, Sing Along Favorites R/M  
  Solitudes Classical Spa M  
  Solitudes Southwest Spa M  
  Tamara Miller Changing Lanes  M  
  Del Tin Walker Del Tin Walker  M  
  The New Colors Escape/Silverlining  7 inch vinyl. M  
  The New Colors Filthy  7 inch vinyl. M  
  Andy Griffiths Mind On Other Things M  


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