Artist Project Label Role  
  Alessia Cara TBA Def Jam Recording Engineer  
  Kyle TBA Def Jam Recording Engineer  
  Haley Smalls All Yours Mastering Engineer  
  Ana Golja TBA Recording/Mix Engineer  
  Chantal Kreviazuk TBA Sony ATV Recording Engineer  
  Daxz TBA Recording/Mix Engineer  
  Jhene Aike TBA Def Jam Recording Engineer  
  School Boy Q Oxymoron Interscope Recording Engineer  
  Raine Gunfire Indie Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Harvey Mason Jr TBA Harvey Mason Media Recording Engineer  
  Frank Anthony Distance Mix Engineer  
  Amir Obe One Night Thing Remix Engineer  
  A Great Big World When The Morning Comes Epic Records Recording Engineer  
  Black Atlass TBA SofaKingRaw ENT Mastering Engineer  
  Julia Tynes After You Indie Producer/Record/mix/Mastering Engineer  
  EAST Play Your Cards Right Scarborough Arts Producer/Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Carousel The Musical Stratford Festival Mastering Engineer  
  Haley Small w/producer MegaMan This Is Me Mastering Engineer  
  Eleven Past One Boom Clap Warner Bros. Recording Engineer  
  Eminem ShadyXV Shady Records Record/Mix Engineer  
  World Vision Christmas Gift Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  A$ap Ferg TBA RCA Records Recording Engineer  
  Poo Bear TBA Epic Records Recording Engineer  
  En Vogue En Vogue Christmas Pyramid Records Recording Engineer  
  Chris Lakes TBA INDIE Mix Engineer  
  Dodo Miranda Christmas With Dodo Mastering Engineer  
  Dan-e-o Dear Hip-Hop   Mastering Engineer  
  Lou Williams (Toronto Raptors) TBA Recording Engineer  
  Travis Scott w/Boi1da,Vinylz,Wondagurl Days Before Rodeo EPIC Records Recording Engineer  
  Cadence TBA Marshmellow Records Record/Mix Engineer  
  YoGotti w/Prod ShaMoney TBA EPIC Records Recording Engineer  
  Rupert Wates The Nightwatchers Indie Mastering Engineer  
  Myroslava Solovianenko TBA Indie Record/Mix Engineer  
  Crazy For You Musical Crazy For You   Mastering Engineer  
  Keisza w/producer Boi1da TBA Sony/ATV Recording Engineer  
  Eric Bellinger w/prod t-minus The Rebirth Sony/ATV Record/Mix Engineer  
  Lucia Cesaroni TBA   Recording/Mix Engineer  
  Kerwin BuBois Disgusting Mix Engineer  
  Tinashe TBA Sony/ATV Recording Engineer  
  Silver Note ENT. Various Mastering Engineer  
  EAST Kings & Queens INDIE Producer/Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Clifton David Broadbridge Reeves Amps Indie Recording Engineer  
  Popular TBA Indie Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Vivian Tesler Glee RLF . ENT Recording/Mix Engineer  
  Vanessa Morgan You're The Best Disney Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  St Royals TBA INDIE Recording Engineer  
  K w/Producer Khary Dandy TBA Bad Boy ENT Recording Engineer  
  Vladdy Bravo Mastering Engineer  
  Boi1da Various Sony/ATV Recording Engineer  
  Clifton David Broadbridge Morris Amps Indie Recording Engineer  
  Sage Harris FT.The Flan Time Out INDIE Mastering Engineer  
  Marshmellow Records Recording Engineer  
  Triple or Nothing Let's Go Argos Mastering Engineer  
  Martina Ortiz INDIE Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Oyane TBA TBA Record/Mix Engineer  
  EAST Jazz Casino Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  5 Man Electrical Band w/Eddie Kramer Signs Friends of The Earth Second Engineer  
  Belinda Brady BBSBand TBA Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  JellyTooFly Random ENT Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Backstage ENT Various Mastering Engineer  
  Sound Glyphics Recording Engineer  
  The Good Luck Foundation Oceans Apart Mix Engineer  
  Triple Or Nothing Liberty Mastering Engineer  
  Triple Or Nothing Morning Come Mastering Engineer  
  Goddo In Goddo We Trust 5.1/Stereo Mastering Engineer  
  Olexandra Pyasta Spirit Of The Wind Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  L Key Understand Me Mastering Engineer  
  Shamira Hamid-Tranqui I'll Do It My Way Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Olexandra Pyasta Poverennia Mastering Engineer  
  Olexandra Pyasta Chomobryvtsi Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  LocustOne I Got It Mastering Engineer  
  Apolliona Vanova Lullabies Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Olexandra Pyasta Osinia Pisnia Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Aficionados One Stop Shop Mastering Engineer  
  Milad MIB Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Antonio Brito Liama la Noche Mastering Engineer  
  Akin Busari Beautiful Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Thiago Santos Te AGradecer TBA Mastering Engineer  
  Co-Ed Music Various Mastering Engineer  
  Abie Rotenberg Dr Midos   Mastering Engineer  
  Tony Brass Music     Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  The Higher Key     Recording Engineer  
  Davis Hayward     Record/Mix Engineer  
  Pete Mason I Believe   Recording/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Flash Teeter     Recording Engineer  
  Anna Gutmanis Glimmer in the Dark   Mastering Engineer  
  Pete Mason Heaven and Hell   Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Scarborough Arts     Recording Engineer  
  Big Sugar Revolution Per Minute   Technical Engineer  
  The Good Luck Foundation     Recording Engineer  
  Alysha Gauthier     Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  The Vow Tatiana Maslany   Technical Engineer  
  Milky Way Glowinn   Mastering Engineer  
  King Ujah     Mastering Engineer  
  Kane GLO Drums   Record/Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  RoMonroe Dream Boy   Mix/Mastering Engineer  
  Justin Case     Mastering Engineer  
  Scratch(The Roots)     Mastering Engineer  
  Mark Feldman Band     Record/Mix/Mastering engineer  
  Salavation Army Bright Hope Vol.1   Mastering Engineer  
  Kaysha Freshh     Record/ Mix Engineer  
  Trixie Goes Hollywood     Record/ Mix Engineer /Co-Producer  
  NoFixedAddress   Record/Mix/ Producer  
  League or Rock     Record/ Mix Engineer  
  Emilie Cakes     Record/Mix Engineer/Producer  
  Army of Shadows     Record/ Mix Engineer / Producer  
  Feast of Thorns     Record/ Mix Engineer / Producer  
  Altered State     Record/ Mix Engineer  
  Flash back     Record/ Mix Engineer  
  Somerset Ent     Recording Engineer  
  Koo Creative TD Canada Trust   Recording Engineer  
  Suziki Canada     Recording/Mix Engineer  
  Bell TV     Recording/Mix Engineer  
  Grand and Toy     Recording Engineer  
  Blue Sky Concord Place   Recording / Mix Engineer  
  Amanda Martienz     Assistant Engineer  
  FeFe Dobson     Assistant Engineer  


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