Studio A control room
• 80ch SSL 9000J analog recording console
• 930 sq ft live floor
• two isolation booths
• RGB lighting
• baby grand piano and Hammond M3 organ
• Gretsch and Pearl drum kits
• High SPL main speakers
• client lounge with TV and kitchenette

Walk into Studio A's live room and you may think you were in Phase One's original location - but better. The 1974 cedar wood and cylindrical diffusers from the live floor were meticulously removed from Phase One's studio A on Kennedy Road and reinstalled at the Bellamy Road location . The result is a true hybrid studio that pays homage to the original, with terrific sound, better isolation and superior build quality.

The large, comfy control room features the producers desk and built in sofa from the original Phase One, which complement the SSL recording console. The control room's built in monitors with 18" subs are also from the previous room. Studios have moved location before, but you can count on one hand those that used the materials from the original and reinstalled them in the new studio. The vintage vibe of 1974 is there in all it's glory, but the rooms are built to a higher standard and the translation of music leaving the studio is excellent.  Come try it for yourself.