Studio B control room and live floor
 • 24ch vintage Neve 8026 analog recording console
 • 570 sq ft live floor
 • three isolation booths
 • baby grand piano and Hammond M3 organ
 • Gretsch and Pearl drum kits
 • client lounge w/ TV and kitchenette

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Walk into Studio B and you'll experience something unique. Not only does the control room feature the well maintained vintage Neve 8026 console and producers desk from the original studio on Kennedy Road, but the insulation and wall coverings also come from the old studio. Moreover, the back of the room features the build and materials from Studio B and the front of the room features the build and materials from the old Studio C. So the control room is a true hybrid on steroids, while maintaining the vintage feel and sound of the previous two studios. The recording floor is entirely new and built to a very high standard, far exceeding the original.  Come check it out for yourself.